MPA Committees

The Missouri Pharmacy Association is committed to excellence in the pharmacy profession. This is an important time for our members to step up and provide not only your knowledge but also your guidance to assist in maintaining what we have built in pharmacy and in the Missouri Pharmacy Association.

There are many new and creative opportunities for our profession so I am asking you to volunteer your time as a committee member. By participating in a committee, you will have the opportunity to guide the direction of the MPA, while becoming more involved and networking with your peers. There are several committees from which to choose based on your passion within our profession.

There is no time better than the present to stand up and get involved in MPA. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the work of MPA, further develop your skills in leadership, and show your support and dedication to the future of pharmacy. Click here to sign up for a committee. 

Daniel H. Good, MS, RPh, FASHP
President, Missouri Pharmacy Association

Nominations for committee members are open yearly and all members will be notified to submit their committee requests.

Continuing Education
  Leah Gregory, PharmD, BCGP Continuing Education Committee Chair (2020-2022)

The purpose of the Continuing Education Committee is to work with the MPA staff to develop comprehensive educational programming for pharmacists, technicians, and students.

Laura Butkievich, Membership Committee Chair (2021-2022)

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to work with the MPA staff to develop and lead a comprehensive membership recruitment/retention campaign to attract more pharmacists, technicians, and students to participate in the Missouri Pharmacy Association.

  Erica Crane, PharmD, Legislative Committee Chair (2020-2022)

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to work with the MPA staff to develop information for legislators about pharmacy services and issues and to define pharmacy’s position on issues that are discussed in both the General Assembly and Congress. Additionally, the committee will review proposed legislation to be introduced on pharmacy’s behalf.

Professional Affairs
Lisa Cillessen PharmD, BCACP, Professional Affairs Committee Chair (2021-2022)

The Professional Affairs Committee is responsible for developing policies, projects, and programs for the advancement of the professional practice of pharmacy.