Become an Accredited Pharmacy in Diabetes Education

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Accreditation is the starting point for preparing and adding additional patient-care services into your pharmacy workflow. With DSMES, your pharmacy will go through preparations and develop processes for implementing classes, individual appointments, and learn the ins-and-outs of medical billing and documentation. Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) grant funding is now available to help pharmacies become accredited sites for diabetes classes and education and be able to bill for these services. With DSMES site accreditation, not only are you giving patients with diabetes access to care and education that will result in positive health outcomes, but you are opening doors for pharmacists and pharmacies. Being an accredited site and billing for patient sessions and classes can bring new opportunities to pharmacies including innovative opportunities for medical billing and services provided by pharmacists.

EngageDr Program for Chronic Care Management (CCM) Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) Project

The EngageDr course, created in collaboration between CPESN and the Avant Institute, is designed for pharmacy teams seeking to change how pharmacists and medical providers provide care to patients with a sustainable business model in value-based care. The course offers an intensive immersion experience that includes an in-depth course in Pharmacist-led Collaborative Clinical Services and practice sessions with real patient cases and clinic scenarios.

Participants gain an in-depth understanding of contract proposals, business planning, strategic assessments of both the medical practice and your pharmacy, Collaborative Practice Agreements, Medical Provider Collaborative Clinical Services as well as how a pharmacist's clinical activities directly impact quality measures such as MIPS, HEDIS, and others.
This project will take Missouri pharmacies through the EngageDr virtual coursework as a cohort over a 6-month trial period to enhance the pharmacies performing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) interventions and services to support them in moving towards Chronic Care Management (CCM). This is a more pro-active approach to patient care and requires increased collaboration with other members of the health care team including the patient’s primary care physician.
For more information on EngageDr, visit the Avant Institute’s website.

This project aims to support the implementation of Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) programs within community pharmacies in the state of Missouri. This program specifically targets patients with Hypertension through Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure education and providing blood pressure monitors to patients that will sync with a portal viewable by the physician, pharmacist, and the patient.
The sustainability of this project relies on the pharmacies actively collaborating and engaging with providers in their area to promote billing for clinical services including RPM. This service requires a services agreement and open communication between the provider, the pharmacist, and the patient. This service does not require a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) or signed provider protocol with the pharmacist, which can often be a barrier to providing similar services.
EngageDr: Grant funding will reimburse pharmacies for 6-months of the EngageDr platform fees ($310/month) which equates to $1860 VALUE.
*Not all pharmacies providing RPM will be granted access and grant funding to EngageDr as funding is limited
*Those participating in EngageDr MUST ALSO participate in the RPM project.
RPM: Grant funding will provide the following:

  • 10 Qardio Blood Pressure Monitors to pharmacies participating in the RPM project. This is a $700 VALUE.
  • 12-month subscription to the Qardio portal for 10 patients/pharmacy. This is a $1200 VALUE.
*Not all pharmacies providing RPM will be granted access and grant funding to EngageDr as funding is limited
Funding is limited, so apply today!

In order to participate in this program and receive the reimbursement outlined below, the pharmacy agrees to all of the following:
  1. Be an MPA Business Member (for RPM and EngageDr programs) and CPESN contracted pharmacy (for EngageDr program only) throughout the program(s) duration of August 2021 through February 2022.
  2. For EngageDr, pharmacy will be responsible for faithfully following and participating in the Avant Institute Master Class courses and training modules as prescribed in a timely manner.
  3. Pharmacy will be responsible for applying the techniques and practices taught during the program and performing related documentation, reporting and sharing of experiences to MPA.
  4. Pharmacy will be required to submit regular reports to MPA.  Frequency and format to be determined, although will not exceed monthly and may be quarterly.
  5. Pharmacy will be responsible for paying the monthly fee of $310/month directly to Avant Institute for the six (6) months indicated above. Proof of payment in terms of a receipt will be required to receive reimbursement.
  6. Pharmacy agrees to allow its data and name to be used in conjunction with this program(s) and reported findings in adherence with HIPAA guidelines.
By participating, pharmacy will expect to receive the following:
  1. Overall design and management of the program.
  2. Training of the pharmacy site and all appropriate staff members.
  3. Regular communication and periodic meetings and check-ins on progress.  Exact schedule to be developed.
  4. For EngageDr, payment of the $310/month enrollment fee per pharmacy for six (6) months the Avant Institute EngageDR. program.
  5. For RPM project, 10 Qardio blood pressure monitors and 12 months subscription to the Qardio portal for 10 patients per pharmacy.
 Application for participation due by Friday, July 30th, 2021. 
Applicants are chosen and approved via email by Wednesday, August 4th, 2021.