Cost of Dispensing (COD) Survey for State of Missouri

Cost of Dispensing Study - Update

The MO HealthNet Division (MHD) is conducting a survey regarding Missouri pharmacies’ costs to dispense prescription medications to MO HealthNet participants. The MHD has contracted with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Pharmacy and the St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) to conduct a comprehensive survey of pharmacies to determine the average Missouri pharmacy’s cost of dispensing prescriptions. UMKC has worked with the STLCOP and the Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA) in conjunction with MHD to develop a valid cost of dispensing (COD) survey designed to capture accurate results for the state of Missouri. 

All pharmacies enrolled in the MO HealthNet program are being asked to complete the COD survey that was sent in the mail.  The data gathered from the survey will ultimately help to determine the dispensing fee paid to pharmacies.   It is very important that all pharmacies participate and provide the most accurate and comprehensive data possible to calculate a true cost of dispensing for MO HealthNet prescriptions. The data gathered by this COD survey will be used to provide the MO HealthNet Division with up-to-date information on the costs incurred by Missouri's pharmacies to dispense prescription medications to MO HealthNet participants. This is a one-time opportunity to provide accurate input on an issue that is vital to Missouri pharmacies.

All information gathered through this survey will remain confidential.  No business, financial, personnel or other information provided by individual pharmacies or chains will be publicly identified or disclosed. Should you need more information about the COD project, or would like to request an additional copy, please email to [email protected] The MO HealthNet Division remains committed to a viable pharmacy program that provides access to necessary services throughout the state of Missouri.