Board Conducting Patient Safety Survey


As part of its ongoing focus on patient safety, the Board will be conducting a statewide pharmacy patient safety survey. The survey was initially designed by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to assess patient safety culture and awareness in pharmacy practice.

The national survey was reviewed and tailored by the Board’s Patient Safety Working Group to meet Missouri’s needs. The online survey will be coordinated and managed by the Center for Patient Safety, a private, nonprofit entity dedicated to “providing solutions and resources to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery.

The survey will be hosted through the center’s website and answers will go to the center. The Board will use the results to identify ways to increase patient safety education and awareness in Missouri pharmacy practice. Pharmacists, interns and technicians are trusted and valuable members of the health care team and play a vital role in providing safe patient care. By utilizing effective patient safety tools and strategies, we can all help ensure “Safe Practice, Safe Patients and a Safe Missouri.”

About the Survey

  • The survey is anonymous and will only take a few minutes to complete. No identifying information will be requested.

  • The survey is open to all Board licensees and registrants, including Missouri registered pharmacy techs.

  • Results will be compiled and analyzed by the Center for Patient Safety.

Your voice is important. The Board is asking all licensees and registrants to participate. Please complete the online survey by December 31.