PBA Health: Roundup: A Blog Series for Independent Pharmacies

From our friends at PBA Health:

Pharmacy Innovation Roundup: A Blog Series for Independent Pharmacies

Innovation can be challenging for any business, but the benefits outweigh the hurdles.

Whether you struggle trying to explain why it’s necessary to innovate, have a difficult time coming up with new ideas or find it a challenge to implement innovative ideas in your pharmacy, there are countless barriers to innovation. But, innovation is imperative. Changing keeps your pharmacy up-to-date with the latest front-end products, cutting-edge services and the pioneering approaches to patient care that your patients have come to expect from your business.

To help make innovating in your pharmacy simpler, we’ve compiled our blog series on pharmacy innovation. The four-part blog series will answer all of your questions on why innovation is necessary, how to overcome challenges to innovation, innovative ideas you can use in your pharmacy and tips for thinking like an innovator.... Read more at PBA Health