PBA Health: 3 Reasons to Try This OTC App

PBA Health: 3 Reasons to Try This OTC App

A new smartphone app is here to help you manage your patients’ over-the-counter (OTC) needs.

The Medicyne app, which you can download for free from the iTunes store, asks a series of questions to guide patients toward the right OTC medications for their symptoms.

“Navigating the OTC aisle is a big challenge for patients,” said Anthony Do, Pharm.D, creator of the Medicyne app and founder and CEO of Medicyne Corp. “It can be difficult for patients to find the right product for their symptoms, but the Medicyne app can help them find exactly what they should buy.”

“It takes into account not only their symptoms, but their demographics as well, and screens for potential interactions with food, diseases or other medications,” he said.

Whether you’re looking to boost OTC sales, improve your product recommendations or free up time to spend on other pharmacy services, the Medicyne app can help. Here are three ways you can use the Medicyne app in your pharmacy.... [Read more at PBA Health]