Pfizer RxPathways

Pfizer RxPathways

by Pfizer

Access to medicines is a cornerstone of Pfizer’s commitment to health care. For more than 25 years, Pfizer has offered prescription assistance programs to help eligible patients get access to their Pfizer medicines. Today, this assistance is provided through Pfizer RxPathways®  which helps eligible patients get access to their Pfizer medicines by offering a range of support services, including insurance counseling, co-pay help, providing Pfizer medicines for free or at a savings, and more.

Pfizer has helped millions of uninsured and underinsured patients gain access to the medications they need. In the last five years (2010-2014), Pfizer has helped nearly 2.5 million uninsured and underinsured patients get access to more than 30 million Pfizer prescriptions, the equivalent of more than $7 billion worth of medicines at wholesale cost. As part of its commitment to access, Pfizer also provides charitable donations to independent non-profit charitable organizations which support eligible patients who require help paying their out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays or co-insurance. In 2014, Pfizer provided $7.9 million in donations to co-pay foundations.

Many patients who get ready to fill their prescription may not have the means necessary to obtain due to financial constraints, this is where pharmacies can be the conduit to find resources to help patients pay for medications.   

Pfizer Rx Pathways is a one stop site for all Pfizer assistance programs including co-pay cards and provides links to resources for community advocates, patients and providers.  There are a number of downloadable brochures, web banners to direct you to the program as well as the ability to order printed brochures for display.