Call to educate, activate against the danger of counterfeit drugs in America

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Dear Safe Medicines Ally,

In 2017 the danger of counterfeit drugs is serious and ubiquitous in America, touching all 50 states. Large scale smugglers bring in fake cancer drugs containing nothing but mold and water and sell them at a discount to oncologists. Fake pills containing deadly doses of fentanyl appear in the supply chain either from fake online pharmacies or through illicit smuggling. Fentanyl-based fakes have killed people in 30 states already in the last 24 months.

The Partnership for Safe Medicines is educating allies and urging policymakers to recognize the threat currently in America as they make new policy about these topics. We're asking everyone who cares about a safe medicine supply to educate themselves at one of these two upcoming webinars and then sign onto our letter to Congress to ensure that policymakers never cut corners on patient safety.

Sign onto our letter to Congress before February 20, 2017:

Webinar on Wed Feb 8th, 2017 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

Webinar on Thu Feb 9th, 2017 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern

Shabbir Imber Safdar
Director of National Outreach, Partnership for Safe Medicines
W: 415-630-3736