Revolutionizing the MPA Membership Model

Change for the Good

The Missouri Pharmacy Association has been faithfully serving pharmacists since the 1800s. From advocacy to continuing education to networking and everything in between, the MPA has been your source for professional advocacy, resources, and growth. As your association continues to ensure improvements in the value we provide to our members, we wanted to take the opportunity we have in front of us to reach more pharmacists in the state.

With a mindset to provide more value to a broader group of pharmacists, we’re revolutionizing our membership with an additional category: Business Members. The goal of the business member is to provide increased value for a great price! For $500, a business member would sign up for a year-long membership and every pharmacist (up to 9 per site) and all technicians in that individual pharmacy location will receive the benefit of being an MPA member (Individual member pricing: $150/year). Each additional location will also pay $500 and receive the benefit of membership for all pharmacists and technicians that work in that facility.

Our desire is two-fold. We want to connect with more pharmacists and expand our member numbers to be more effective in our advocacy efforts. Secondly, since the MPA is the strongest statewide pharmacy organization focused on promoting pharmacists as the medication expert in Missouri, we wanted to ensure that we made it as easy as possible for not only the store owner/pharmacist in charge/manager to be a member of the MPA, but also any staff members who are pharmacists and technicians. This effectively broadens our base of members and strengthens the voice of pharmacy in our state.

The new model will allow you to provide value to your employers as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell employees in your store that they’ll be able to join the Missouri Pharmacy Association because you purchased a business membership that covers pharmacists and technicians? These new members will receive all of our award-winning communications, emails, education resources, networking opportunities, discounts to MPA partners resources, etc. that come along with being an MPA member.