Pharmacist Service Expansion Project

New PSE Project Launch:  Grant Awards Now Available

The Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA) is pleased to announce the second Pharmacist Service Expansion (PSE) Project grant which has been awarded to MPA by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The first contract year of the new PSE Project runs from October 1, 2018, through June 29, 2019.

Funding for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Site Accreditation

The PSE Project allows pharmacies to apply for grant funding to cover DSMES site accreditation, including funding which reimburses for operations and administrative support to achieve site accreditation. 

Participants pay the accreditation process and support costs upfront. Once your grant application is accepted, and all requirements are complete, you receive reimbursement.

The PSE DSMES Project goal is to: 1) Increase the number of Missouri pharmacies with DSMES site accredited programs and, 2) Increase the proportion of people with diabetes who have at least one encounter at an accredited DSMES pharmacy education program site.

Grant Opportunities

To apply for the DSMES Site Accreditation or the DSMES Facilitator Support grants, please click the below links to the two applications required.  Please complete both grant applications for grant funding of the AADE accreditation costs and the operations and administrative support provided by STRAND.


*Grant funds are limited to pharmacists (pharmacies if applicable) licensed and practicing in the state of Missouri. Grant funding will is awarded on a first come-first served basis and be based upon application review criteria, including the potential to support medically underserved areas; must complete a program according to the individual program guidelines, within the current contract year, to receive reimbursement.

Continuing Opportunity

With your continued involvement, the PSE Project offers a platform that can bring state and national attention to Missouri pharmacist-delivered patient care services. Throughout the PSE Project, updates and data will be shared with engaged stakeholders and active PSE partners, including DHSS and CDC.

Links with the following icons beside them are in the following formats: Word Microsoft Word and pdf-icon Adobe PDF. Adobe PDF documents will need the Adobe Reader to view. Download the free application here.

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